Stephanie Schaewe


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(206) 240-2624

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Stephanie has been active in all sides of the real estate industry: from sales and rental management, to construction accounting and contract administration. She loves the real estate world, and what she loves most is helping customers and providing answers to the tough questions. Stephanie takes an educational approach with her clients, and her diverse background provides her with the skills to get to the heart of an issue. She is not one to gloss over the details or shrug off a question. To Stephanie, it’s important to take the time to explain the “why” so her clients can partner with her and be confident they are making the best buying decisions.

Stephanie has been married 24 years and she loves to spend time with her husband and their two children. The Schaewe family are huge supporters, and participants, in the local square-dancing scene. Stephanie’s daughter has even become recognized as a serious force to be reckoned with at competitions around the state.