Lori Gibson


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(253) 579-8381

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Before she began her career in real estate, Lori was a nurse for 25 years. During her time as a nurse manager, she was known for her dedication, strong work ethic, loyalty, honesty, transparency, effective communication and advocacy. These traits have served her, and her clients, well as she has transitioned to real estate. She’s been able to develop an impressive reputation as a trustworthy and dedicated partner throughout the home buying/selling process.

Lori understands her clients put an immense amount of faith in her to help them find their dream home, and it’s not something she takes lightly. Her negotiation skills are excellent and she’s not afraid to take an assertive approach when advocating for her clients. But even when she pushes hard for her clients, she is a master at bringing both sides together and finding solutions that benefit everyone involved.