Betsy Leishman


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(253) 256-3366

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Betsy’s background in social services and teaching have made her a natural fit for real estate. Before moving to Washington, Betsy obtained a degree in Family Human Development, with an emphasis in Community Service. She spent years advocating for her clients both as a caseworker and by creating a county-wide crisis line for a domestic violence and sexual assault victims. Upon moving to Washington, Betsy began substitute teaching. She is known for what fellow staff call her “superpower”, which is her special ability to make connections with others by creating an inviting, safe and comfortable environment where people feel they can speak and be heard. Betsy is a highly driven, trustworthy professional with “lots of grit” and she builds strong connections with her real estate clients whether their goal is to buy, or sell, a home.

Betsy keeps a busy schedule, but when she’s not working, she’s often running her kids around as a dance mom. She loves to read, play her ukulele, explore the outdoors, and regularly attends events at The Paramount Theater with her family as season ticket holders!