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As a resident of Sumner his entire life, Jesse knows the area very well. He grew up in a family with many children and was a standout baseball player all through his youth, which likely helped contribute to the excellent social and team skills he demonstrates today. With a passion for working with customers and providing a great experience, Jesse has recently won an Employee of the Year award for the service he provides and his outstanding results. He is especially talented at reading the room and can communicate complex issues to multiple parties on the fly and on their level. Now with the Terrafin team, Jesse is excited to work hard for his clients to leave them with a smile on their face and to be in control of his own destiny.


When he’s not working, Jesse loves to travel to far off locales like Southeast Asia and Mexico. He also loves playing basketball and (especially) golf. He’ll take any excuse to get out in the sun, listen to some music and compete.

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