Who Are We?


About Terrafin

At Terrafin we provide a wide range of services to builders, developers, buyers and sellers. When trying to figure out what to call ourselves we went through quite a few different options. When it came down to it, we decided to focus on our breadth of services ranging from the start of a home to the closing: a unique approach few can offer.

Along with home sales, we also have an expertise in land sales and facilitation. In other words, we could be involved with a property at any stage of the process from raw land (Terra) to the close of the finished home (Fin). This extended level of service creates a valued partnership everyone benefits from.

Dennis Folk - President

As the designated broker at Terrafin, Dennis Folk has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions in the Northwest. These have covered all price ranges and styles and stretch across Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties and beyond. As with Terrafin as a whole, Dennis’ passion lies with the South Sound region. He and his young family make their home here and he knows the area like few others can claim. From the local builders and developers, to the neighbors, business owners and community leaders, he has a direct line to the heart of the community. If there is an interesting opportunity out there for you, Dennis knows about it before anyone else and you will be the first to hear.

Summerlin Dahlman - Broker

Buying or selling a home can easily turn stressful, so it’s handy to have broker with a master’s degree in psychology watching your back. Summerlin was drawn to the real estate industry through her love of helping people. Her clients know her as a formidable advocate who will go out on a limb to make sure everything happens as expected. And when the rare hiccup occurs, she is always ready with a plan.

Summerlin is married with 3 children, which currently means life outside of work is baseball, baseball and more baseball. When the bats finally do go quiet, the crew loves to climb into the RV and head south for some beach time in Pacific City.

Contact Summerlin at summerlin@terrafinre.com or call (253) 988-3321

Becca Mullins - Broker

While Becca has had success in many facets of the real estate business, she is especially passionate about new home sales. Her design and marketing background lends itself well to new construction where she helps buyers discover the latest trends and features while defining their “must haves”. With an extensive knowledge of construction and a very charismatic personality, Becca makes home buying fun, which has led to her becoming a top performer in the industry.

When she’s not working, Becca loves spending time with her husband Tony and their children, hitting the trails, watching sports or a good concert.

Contact Becca at becca@terrafinre.com or call (206) 384-9997

Tony Mullins - Broker

Tony’s approach to real estate sales stems largely from his past experiences in corporate sales and home construction. Through his time at Costco corporate, Tony developed a talent for finding solutions to benefit everyone involved. Customers appreciate his construction knowledge, gained from his time in the building industry, and his ability to effectively communicate the benefits of a home specific to their needs.

Tony’s life isn’t all real estate, however. He’s a huge sports fan (Go Hawks!), a skilled musician and multi-instrumentalist, but most of all he enjoys family time with wife, Becca, and their 5 children.

Contact Tony at tony@terrafinre.com or call (425) 681-4478

Leonard Hunt - Broker

As a Navy veteran, Leonard isn’t intimidated by what might be considered “hard work.” Home sales can be messy, and it takes persistence, know-how and understanding to take a sale all the way to closing. Leonard’s approach centers on giving customers what they are really asking for rather than offering the easier compromise. This means spending more time getting to know the customer’s needs and methodically eliminating any obstacles that stand in the way of making their perfect sale happen.

Over his years as a real estate professional, Leonard has managed a variety of sales from new construction to condos, and he’s even a certified VA Realtor. In the rare occasions he’s not working, you can find Leonard at the gym or taking in a local high school basketball game.

Contact Leonard at leonard@terrafinre.com or call (253) 441-0730

Stephanie Schaewe - Broker

Stephanie has been active in all sides of the real estate industry: from sales and rental management, to construction accounting and contract administration. She loves the real estate world, and what she loves most is helping customers and providing answers to the tough questions. Stephanie takes an educational approach with her clients, and her diverse background provides her with the skills to get to the heart of an issue. She is not one to gloss over the details or shrug off a question. To Stephanie, it’s important to take the time to explain the “why” so her clients can partner with her and be confident they are making the best buying decisions.

Stephanie has been married 24 years and she loves to spend time with her husband and their two children. The Schaewe family are huge supporters, and participants, in the local square-dancing scene. Stephanie’s daughter has even become recognized as a serious force to be reckoned with at competitions around the state.

Contact Stephanie at stephanie@terrafinre.com or call (206) 240-2624

Jennifer Schaewe - Broker

It can be difficult to find the perfect no-compromise home in the Puget Sound area, but Jennifer doesn’t see this as a reason to settle. She knows it’s out there, and she works hard to check off all the boxes on her buyers’ wish list to deliver their dream home. Compromises may work when choosing a spot for dinner, but not when it comes to your new place. Born and raised in the northwest, Jennifer can consistently track down those special listings at outstanding values, and she’s always in your corner through the entire buying process.

When she’s not finding the ideal home for a client, Jennifer loves to escape to the great outdoors with her family for some camping and quad riding. After all, nature is just a little more fun when there’s tires slinging sand.

Contact Jennifer at jennifer@terrafinre.com or call (253) 740-7495

Jessica Kennie – Managing Broker

After attaining both bachelor’s and Master of Arts degrees, Jessica set her sights on managing real estate within a higher education setting before shifting to general real estate sales, which has been a perfect fit for her. Her passion lies in helping her clients in achieving their real estate goals. Hiring a realtor is an incredibly personal decision. She prides herself on not only having the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right, but her talent for relationship and trust building, which keeps her clients coming back. Jessica is known for taking the extra time to create tailored plans specific for each customer’s needs.


Jessica loves to travel with her husband and two daughters. Her parents are from Ireland and she is a dual citizen, so they are frequent visitors to the other side of the pond. She’s also an avid baker and can whip up some seriously tasty treats.


Contact Jessica at jessica@terrafinre.com or call (253) 256-9220

Megan Martinez – Broker

With a background in home construction and remodels, Megan knows how to spot a good value. Her experience helps her to weed out homes that may have issues down the road and find the best options for her clients. Megan has over 20 years of experience in customer service, so she knows how to make her clients feel protected, valued and confident during the buying, or selling, process. Not only is she friendly and knowledgeable, but she is always able to work through any problems that may arise quickly and professionally.


Megan is very active in her church and a member of the Mothers of Preschoolers group. She loves to get outdoors with her family but sitting down with a good book (or 12) is also a huge passion. Most of the time she loves being out in the world, but sometimes it’s great to escape it completely.


Contact Megan at megan@terrafinre.com or call (253) 861-6014

Brittney Svach – Broker

Brittney is a former military spouse that began her real estate career in Texas as a leasing agent before moving home to Washington to become a property manager. After over 7 years as a property manager, in numerous areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, she switched to real estate sales where she has found her true calling. Brittney’s customers often comment very positively about her innovative ideas, excellent communication and organization skills. She understands how challenging buying and selling a home can be, and she is known for her in-depth research and for delivering a highly detailed, customized game plan to each of her clients to help reduce the stress involved in such a major life decision.


Brittney loves getting outdoors with her husband and spending time with their 4-year-old daughter. Whether it’s camping, boating, skiing, traveling or just going for a quick hike, they love taking in all of the beauty our state (and the world) has to offer.


Contact Brittney at brittney@terrafinre.com or call (360) 259-1196

Deonna Goetz – Broker

Before Deonna’s career in Real Estate began, She spent seven years as a personal banker and a paraeducator. During this time, she discovered her talent for helping people, building relationships and a love for their stories. At the same time, she developed a strong interest in real estate, which eventually developed into a very accomplished career helping people in a different way. Assisting clients by helping them find their future home, or moving on to their next, brings her joy and drives her passion. She always goes above and beyond to make sure her clients end each transaction with a smile on their faces.


Deonna was born and raised in Washington and has been in the Bonney Lake area the past 13 years. She enjoys spending time with her two kids, volunteering at their schools, being outdoors, making memories with family and friends, as well as eating, exploring, and meeting new people.


Contact Deonna at deonna@terrafinre.com or call (253) 797-4200

Briana Folk - Transaction Coordinator & Marketing

Like oil and water, or toothpaste and orange juice, some things just don’t mix. You would think transaction coordination and marketing may be on that list, but as a former 3rd grade teacher, Briana is used to being pulled in a few different directions. Despite working in two worlds, she manages it all with grace and professionalism. Ads get out, the homes close on time and everyone stays sane. On top of it all, she’s always ready to do more to help the team.

Briana and Dennis (see above) are married with two children. Like many people on this page, they are big Seahawks fans and love to visit with family and friends.

Contact Briana at briana@terrafinre.com or call (253) 318-7609

Amy Benum - Bookkeeping

Amy makes us look good. Thanks to her care, knowledge and accuracy, we get to keep humming along without a care in the world. Her hard work makes all of our lives easier. Not only is she from a homebuilding family and an experienced construction bookkeeper, she could give Marie Kondo a lesson on organization. When Amy says, “I make sure I balance to the last penny,” it’s no joke. We see it every day.

After work Amy goes home to her four teenagers. You read that right. How she keeps it all together is a mystery.

Contact Amy at accounting@terrafinre.com or call (253) 466-3734


As real estate professionals providing assistance for both home buyers and sellers in Puyallup, Tacoma, and surrounding communities, we will always have your best interests in mind.

  • We make a commitment to provide excellent service throughout the real estate transaction
  • We have exceptional knowledge of the local real estate market
  • We will always negotiate with your best interest in mind to help you meet your specific goals and objectives
  • We will engage in a comprehensive networking strategy to assist in the purchase or sale of your home
  • We will go the extra mile for you to make sure your transaction process goes as smoothly as possible
  • We take pride in providing personalized, attentive service, which means we will be highly involved at all times
  • We are very familiar with technology in marketing, administration and communication and we will use this knowledge to better meet your specific real estate needs, whether you are buying or selling
  • We will take on the difficult tasks to make moving an easy process
  • We will assist you in finding the related services necessary to buy or sell a home or other property
  • We will keep you apprised of current local real estate market conditions that can impact the purchase or sale of your home
  • We engage in a corporate level through our own channels providing excellent exposure for sellers and helpful purchasing tools and search options for buyers
  • We are a full-time company, so your support throughout your real estate transaction will be seamless
  • Our real estate experience allows us to take on the heavy-lifting so you can go about your normal life and know everything is under control
  • We will respect your time, set clear boundaries and work with you so your busy schedule is not interrupted
  • We will uphold the highest moral and ethical standards throughout any real estate transaction